Brian McCrory

Chair - Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU)


Brian McCrory is in his ninth year on the Board of the Irish League of Credit Unions having been elected in 2009. His current term of office on the League Board runs until April 2019. Prior to his election to the League Board, he served on the League Supervisory Committee for six years and was Chairman from April 2006 – April 2007.

McCrory was elected as President of the Irish League of Credit Unions in April 2015 for a two-year term and, as President, was Chairman of the Board of the Irish League of Credit Unions and Chairman of the ILCU Management Committee.

During his time on the Board, McCrory has served as League Treasurer and as Chairman of the ILCU Northern Ireland Committee. He has also served on the ILCU Legislation Committee and the ILCU Administration Committee.

McCrory also previously served as a Director of ECCU, a wholly owned subsidiary Assurance Company of ILCU.

He has held the position of Deputy Chairperson of the Prudential Regulatory Authority Practitioner Panel, Bank of England and has been the League’s representative at the European Network of Credit Unions (ENCU).

He is a member of Teachers Credit Union Limited.

He has also served in a variety of Advisory Committees to the First and Deputy First Ministers Office in Northern Irelands Legislative Assembly. In addition to having been a community activist in the local politics of Northern Ireland, he has also served as a director of the Northern Ireland Social Economy Forum.

McCrory is currently on the WOCCU Board and holds the office of Chair of the Board of the World Council of Credit Unions. He was co-opted in early 2010 and elected to the Board for a two-year term in July 2010, 2012, 2014 and again in 2016. He has been an ILCU WOCCU delegate since January 2010.