It is in the financial institution’s
best interest to create access to
formal products and services.


We believe that the economic improvement of the individual is more important than the profit of the financial institution – but recognize the necessity that the institution must be self-sustaining.

We follow a commitment to reach underserved populations and conduct broad outreach to all economic spectrums in an economical way for the financial institutions.


Digital Financial Services

We provide new digital and mobile service delivery channels for the financial products and services that financial institutions need to cost effectively reach new markets and meet customer’s demands for convenient, affordable service, including:
  • our mobile-enabled field officer banking model we are implementing in Mexico and Colombia
  • shared transactional platforms, online services, and mobile applications, and
  • core banking and mobile finance solutions, such as the platform we introduced in Haiti.


The poor can and do save. Savings also enables households to build for the future (including for startups and business expansion) and better prepare for unexpected emergencies (both health and environmental). 

We employ our savings methodologies to:
  • reach vulnerable populations to create financial safety nets,
  • create life transition products for children and young adults under adult age along with their families, like in our programming in Mexico, and
  • link to existing savings groups to provide access larger loans & save larger amounts, as we saw in Rwanda and Bolivia.

Financial Education

By strengthening the financial system through financial education and increased resource availability, we raise the impact of financial services to improve financial well-being for customers.
Education strengthens the financial stability of the institutions themselves. Although this is incorporated in most programs, we highlight our programs in Afghanistan and Liberia. We train staff of financial institutions and their customers on:
  • financial literacy,
  • business management (including accounting & marketing), and
  • product development.

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