World Council of Credit Unions
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2015-2016 World Council Board

World Council’s board of directors, executives and member delegates govern the organization’s activities.

Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of nine to 15 voting members who are elected to govern the organization by and from the delegates representing World Council’s member countries. Each director serves a two-year term of office. The board is led by the chairman, first vice chairman, second vice chairman, secretary and treasurer. Directors convene at the annual general assembly at World Council’s World Credit Union Conference and throughout the year. This board also serves as the board of the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions (WF).

President & CEO

World Council’s top executive is the president and CEO. Together with the executive management team, the president and CEO manages the organization under the direction of the board of directors.


Member organizations appoint delegates to represent the organization in the annual general assembly. The number of delegates appointed by each member country is based on the number of credit union members affiliated to the organization. Each associate member is entitled to one non-voting seat in the general assembly.

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