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International Credit Union (ICU) Day


International Credit Union Day® – Oct. 17, 2013

International Credit Union (ICU) Day® has been celebrated on the third Thursday of October since 1948. The day is recognized to reflect upon the credit union movement's history and to promote its achievements. It is a day to honor those who have dedicated their lives to the movement, recognize the hard work of those working in the credit union industry and show members our appreciation.

This year's ICU Day will take place on Oct. 17, 2013. Its theme, "Credit Unions Unite for Good: A Better Way," emphasizes the benefits of cooperation among credit unions worldwide.

"Cooperation within the financial cooperative industry has historically been considered a philosophical principle," said Brian Branch, World Council president and CEO, "but today there is a market-driven business rationale for finding cooperative solutions to consumer demand. It is fitting that we celebrate this year's International Credit Union Day with this recognition — that credit unions uniting for the good of our consumers truly is a better way of doing business."

The ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the great work that credit unions are doing around the world and give members the opportunity to get more involved. Credit unions and associations throughout the world celebrate the day with open houses, contests, picnics and parades. See more celebration ideas.

World Council of Credit Unions has provided its members with ICU Day materials for over 30 years. The U.S. Credit Union National Association (CUNA) also offers a variety of resources to help credit unions prepare for and celebrate ICU Day.

World Council no longer distributes posters. For further information, contact Rebecca Carpenter,, +1-608-395-2031.

ICU Day Poster & Logo
ICU Day Poster
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ICU Day Poster
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ICU Day Logo

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