MicroLead Rwanda: Savings Mobilization through Rural Savings and Credit Cooperatives Program

Microlead Rwanda: Savings Mobilization through Rural Savings and Credit Cooperatives Program, through its partnership with the United Nations Capital Development Fund, worked with the Government of Rwanda (GOR) and the country’s network of 416 Umurenge Savings and Credit Cooperatives (U-SACCOs), to bridge the financial inclusion gap in rural areas. The program aims to strengthen U-SACCOs and expand their outreach to the underserved population.

Recognizing the challenges that the much smaller U-SACCOs faced in delivering services, the program supported the GOR in its U-SACCO consolidation strategy by assisting in the merger process of 90 U-SACCOs into 30 district U-SACCOs to strengthen their capacity to provide financial services. The program also worked to accelerate access to financial services for Rwanda’s poor and rural populations, by expanding the base of new savers, developing products to better address client needs, and promoted increased product uptake and usage. The Program improved the district U-SACCOs’ efficiency and transparency by implementing a central core banking solution (CBS). Finally, the Microlead Rwanda program strengthened operations and financial discipline in the U-SACCOs through updated and harmonized policies, and training and capacity building to promote long-term sustainability and financial independence.


Case Study: WOCCU Rwanda

Maximizing the Impact of Spontaneous
U-SACCO-Savings Group Linkages


The Future of Microlead

Examining the importance of savings mobilization and digital finance to further expand access to the unbanked, especially to rural women—based on lessons learned from our UNCDF programs in Rwanda and Liberia.


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