Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Digital Growth Award?

As part of World Council's Challenge 2025 initiative, the Digital Growth Award is presented annually to recognize one or more member credit union associations or individual member credit unions for implementing digital solutions that promote financial inclusion, innovation and scalability. Winners are recognized at World Council's Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the World Credit Union Conference. This year's AGM will be held on Monday, July 22, at the 2024 World Credit Union Conference in Boston.

Why was the Digital Growth Award created?

It originated in 2021 as a way to recognize member credit union associations or individual member credit unions working toward World Council's Challenge 2025 goal of expanding digital transformation in the global credit union system. 

What are the selection criteria?

The nominated World Council member credit union association or member credit union must show it has implemented a digital solution(s) that is: 

Inclusive: It expanded financial inclusion by reaching members of underserved communities.

Innovative: It was groundbreaking for your organization by reducing costs, streamlining operations or improving member experience.

Scalable: The goal of World Council’s Challenge 2025 initiative is to spread digital transformation to credit unions around the globe. With that in mind, the digital solution must be scalable for use or replication by other credit union associations or credit unions in your country or region.

Who can nominate a credit union association or credit union for a Digital Growth Award?

Nominations must be submitted by a World Council member association, or a credit union that belongs to a World Council member association. You can find a full list of members here

Who selects the recipients?

A panel comprised of credit union professionals and digital finance experts will assess the applicants and select the recipients.

How do I apply?

Nominations for the 2024 Digital Growth Award nomination are now closed. 2025 nominations will open in January.

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2023 Recipients

Unitus Community Credit Union (USA)

Unitus Community Credit Union (USA) received a Digital Growth Award for its “AZIE Mobile App”. Designed to connect members of Oregon’s Black community with financial products, services and education from local credit unions that best align with their unique needs, Azie aims to foster financial and housing stability while creating and sustaining generational wealth.

Co-operative Bank of Vietnam

Co-operative Bank of Vietnam received a Digital Growth Award for its creation of “A Digital Ecosystem”, which revolutionized cooperative financial services in Vietnam. The solution provides a diversity of digital channels through which a wide range of members can access products and services.

Past Recipients