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What is Global Bridges?

Global Bridges is the first stop on a journey into our global movement of credit unions and financial cooperatives. It’s a platform for engagement that connects networks across World Council (WOCCU) and Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions (WFCU) to advance solutions to our shared global challenges.

Global Bridges offers a menu of in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences to create a customizable professional development journey for individuals, credit unions and supporting organizations. 

How can Global Bridges support your goals?

Solutions to our shared challenges.

As a platform for engagement, Global Bridges advances career and institutional growth through the crowdsourcing of solutions. From governance and membership growth to the digital transformation of financial services and climate resilient communities, Global Bridges reflects the thematic issues most important to the future of the sector.


Add value to existing education and training programs.

Global Bridges provides a unique professional development experience empowered by our cooperative values.

Win the war for talent.

In the quest to attract and retain talent, Global Bridges celebrates how we are different and inspires future leaders to advance our cooperative model.

Expand your network, perspective and influence.

Global Bridges connects peers around the world to enhance perspective and leverage local impact as a force for global good.