Hear how World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) engages in credit union advocacy and education, along with growing financial inclusion, building credit union resilience and promoting sustainable finance on our monthly podcast. WOCCU Director of Communications Greg Neumann interviews our diverse array experts, along with other credit union and international development professionals from around the globe.



Episode 32: How World Council Expanded the Relevance of Credit Unions in 2023

Episode 31: Growing Membership at WOCCU and Across Our Global Movement

Episode 30: 75 Years of International Credit Union Day

Episode 29: GWLN 2023 Empowerment Grant Winners

Episode 28: Meet the First WOCCU Board Observers

Episode 27: Growing Credit Union SME Lending Through the USAID/WOCCU TIFI Project

Episode 26: A Preview of the 2023 World Credit Union Conference

Episode 25: How Three Years of Success Led to an Extension of USAID/WOCCU Economic Inclusion Project

Episode 24: A Deep Dive into Climate Resilience and Sustainable Finance

Episode 23: How WOCCU is Working for Women

Episode 22: One Year of War and the Resilience of Ukrainian Credit Unions

Episode 21: Nominations Open for the Digital Growth and Distinguished Service Awards


Episode 20: How WOCCU Responded to Multiple Crises and Built a Resilient Strategy for 2023

Episode 19: How Canadian Credit Unions are Embracing Bold Initiatives

Episode 18: A Deep Dive into WOCCU's 2021 Statistical Report

Episode 17: WOCCU Board Chair Diana Dykstra

Episode 16: Sharing Stories of Empowerment on International Credit Union Day

Episode 15: Can Credit Unions Provide Solutions to Ease Global Food Insecurity?

Episode 14: Forging a Path for Migrants through WOCCU's Economic Inclusion Project

Episode 13: ABCUL CEO Robert Kelly on Glasgow Hosting the 2022 World Credit Union Conference

Episode 12: 36 Hours in Rzeszow

Episode 11: The Impact of the Russian Invasion on Ukrainian Credit Unions

Episode 10: A Preview of the 2022 World Credit Union Conference

Episode Nine: The 2022 Global Regulatory Update


Episode Eight: How a Peruvian Fintech is Digitizing Credit Unions in Just 30 Days

Episode Seven: How GWLN and WYCUP Are Leveling the Playing Field for Women and Youth

Episode Six: WOCCU President and CEO Elissa McCarter LaBorde

Episode Five: Building Global Bridges with Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions' Executive Director Mike Reuter

Episode Four: Gender Lens Investing and Credit Union Development

Episode Three: WOCCU Senior VP of International Advocacy Andrew Price

Episode Two: 2021 World Credit Union Conference Preview

Episode One: World Council of Credit Unions' President and CEO Brian Branch