January 2024

img18448 Trinidad and Tobago Look at Reforms to Strengthen Credit Union Sector
Co-operative News (UK) / 2024-01-31
img19603 Younsik Kim, Chairman of NACUFOK: “We will implement a policy of shared growth.”
Naver News (South Korea) / 2024-01-02

December 2023

img18333 Credit Union Lending Growth Hits 10-year High as Mortgage Demand Surges (Ireland) / 2023-12-06
img11414 Australia’s Banks, CUs Join in $100 Million Initiative Aimed at Fighting Financial Scams
CU Today (United States) / 2023-12-04

November 2023

img15565 Canadian Credit Union Association Gathers Financial Leaders and Policymakers in Ottawa to Advocate for 11 Million Credit Union Members
Benzinga / 2023-11-21
img20134 Historic CUNA, NAFCU Merger Approved
Credit Union Times (USA) / 2023-11-02

October 2023

img18308 Sicredi Predicts a 17% Increase in Corporate Members
Tanaarea (Brazil) / 2023-10-30
img18449 US $2.2 Billion in Assets in 2022
Grenada Broadcasting Network (Grenada) / 2023-10-05

September 2023

img22455 Credit Unions - One of the Small but Important Wheels that Will Keep Young People in Croatia
Dalmatia Today (Croatia) / 2023-09-26
img18764 Sicredi and FECOLFIN Sign Technical Cooperation Agreement
MundoCoop (Brazil) / 2023-09-11

August 2023

img18790 NEFSCUN Demands Separate Act for Credit Cooperatives
People's Daily (Nepal) / 2023-08-17
img11982 Record High in Credit Union Lending
Credit-Connect (UK) / 2023-08-13

July 2023

img19603 National Credit Union Federation of Korea Proves Status as Global Powerhouse at 2023 World Credit Union Conference
Korean Business Tribune / 2023-07-28
img21461 Credit Union Women Make Pitch for $10,000 Empowerment Grants
CU Today (United States) / 2023-07-24

June 2023

img18333 Some Credit Unions at the Limit of Loan Capacity for Mortgages
The Independent (Ireland) / 2023-06-23
img18294 SECU Hosts ACCOSCA in North Carolina
The Walter (USA) / 2023-06-07

May 2023

img21546 In Ukraine, Credit Unions May Finally Get Deposit Insurance
American Banker (US) / 2023-05-31
img20406 IFC and Visa Promote the Digital Transformation of Cooperatives in Guatemala
CRN Noticias / 2023-05-17

April 2023

img20134 CUNA Wins 2 Awards for Political Campaigning, Advocacy
CU Today (United States) / 2023-04-25
img18551 Singapore Co-ops Discuss the Sector’s Relevance at National Forum
Co-operative News (UK) / 2023-04-05

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