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    Distinguished Service Award


    Accepting Nominations Through March 14, 2016

    Download the DSA nomination criteria and nomination form

    World Council's Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is the highest honor paid to individuals and institutions by the worldwide credit union movement. Created to recognize outstanding contributions to international credit union development, Distinguished Service Awards are presented each year at World Council's World Credit Union Conference.

    The 2016 Distinguished Service Award will be presented during the World Credit Union Conference, July 17-20, in Belfast, Ireland. World Council member organizations and their affiliates may submit nominations in the following categories:

    Individual Category:

    Women and men who have provided exemplary service to the international credit union movement and have positively influenced credit union development outside their home country qualify for the individual category. No more than three individual awards may be granted each year. Individuals nominated for the award should demonstrate some or all of the following:

    • Personal history of commitment to international credit union development outside the nominee's home country.
    • A record of technical service to the development of other credit union movements beyond their own national boundaries.
    • Ongoing institutional development by playing a leading role in advancing World Council.
    • Ability to locate and mobilize resources needed by World Council and its affiliates to establish strong credit union movements wherever they are sought.

    Institutional Category:

    Organizations that have provided financial and technical assistance over an extended
    period of time to develop international credit union movements and their service infrastructure may be nominated in the institutional category. No more than one institutional award may be granted each year. Institutions nominated for the DSA must meet the following qualifications:

    • Ongoing commitment to international credit union development for more than three years.
    • Technical assistance provided beyond the nominee's borders has led to measurable results within the region receiving it and has an ongoing history following the end of the period of assistance.
    • The range of programs funded has led to concrete changes and development as anticipated beyond their borders.

    DSA nominations are due by 11:59pm on Monday, March 14, 2016.
    For questions, contact William Harris at or +1-608-395-2050.

    Congratulations to the Winners of the Distinguished Service Award!

    2015 DSA Winners

    Dick Ensweiler
    President & CEO, Cornerstone Credit Union League

    Scott Kennedy
    Director, Credit Union Central of Canada
    Former Director, Concentra Financial Services Association
    Former Director, World Council of Credit Unions

    Roberto Rodrigues
    Former President, the Organization of Cooperatives in Brazil
    Former Vice President, the Organization of Cooperatives of the Americas
    Former President, the International Co-operative Alliance and the International Co-operative Agricultural Organization

    Aloun Ndombet-Assamba
    Jamaica's High Commissioner in the United Kingdom
    Former Minister of Industry and Tourism
    Former Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Technology

    2015 DSA Winners

    • Dick Ensweiler
    • Scott Kennedy
    • Roberto Rodrigues
    • Aloun Ndombet-Assamba

    2014 DSA Winners

    • Rob Nicholls, Australia
    • Michael Koisen, Papua New Guinea

    2013 DSA Winners

    • Pete Crear, USA
    • Melvin Edwards, St. Kitts & Nevis
    • Pat Fay, Ireland

    2012 DSA Winner

    • Barry Jolette, USA

    2011 DSA Winner

    • Jim McMahon, Ireland

    2010 DSA Winners

    • Harriet May, USA
    • Lech Kaczyński, Poland
    • Credit Union Executives Society, USA

    2009 DSA Winners

    • David Chatfield - USA
    • Wayne Nygren - Canada

    2008 DSA Winners

    • Chris Baker - USA
    • Karen Schwartz - USA
    • Credit Union Foundation of Australi

    2007 DSA Winners

    • L.R. Bobby McVeigh - Canada
    • Foundation for Polish Credit Unions - Poland

    2006 DSA Winner

    • John Hume - Ireland

    2005 DSA Winners

    • Gerry Foley - Ireland
    • Roman Catholic Church - Vatican City

    2003 DSA Winners

    • Henry Cruz - USA
    • Joseph Cugini - USA
    • Dennis Cutter - USA
    • John Nicholson - Canada
    • Alan Parry - Australia
    • Reverend James Oswald Thorbourne - Jamaica
    • Herb Wegner (posthumous) - USA
    • U.S. Peace Corps - USA

    2000 DSA Winners

    • Angel Castro - Panama
    • Al Charbonneau - Canada & USA
    • Rose Dorman - Great Britain
    • Renford Douglas - Jamaica
    • Michael Sang-Ho Lee - Korea
    • Tod Manrell - Canada
    • Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch - Germany
    • Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen - Germany
    • Alphonse and Dorimène Desjardins - Canada
    • Edward A. Filene - USA
    • Roy Frederick Bergengren - USA

    1997 DSA Winners

    • Everard Dean (posthumous) - Trinidad and Tobago
    • Augustine Kang - Asia
    • Augustine "Gus" Murray (posthumous) - Ireland
    • Joe Perkowski - USA
    • O.W.A. Baron von Verschuer - Netherlands
    • Albert E. Williams (posthumous) - USA
    • Canadian Co-operative Association - Canada

    1994 DSA Winners

    • Florencio Eguía Villaseñor - México
    • Henry William (Bill) Howe - Australia
    • William A. Atkins - USA
    • Richard M. Heins, Ph.D. - USA
    • Alex Gracie - Canada
    • Robert L. Wermuth - USA
    • ILCU International Development Foundation, Ltd. - Ireland
    • Credit Union Foundation - USA

    1991 DSA Winners

    • Armando Terán - Panamá
    • Colin Smith (posthumous) - New Zealand
    • R.C. Robertson - USA
    • R.C. Morgan (posthumous) - USA
    • Paul Hebert - USA
    • Jack Dublin - USA
    • United States Agency for International Development
    • Canadian International Development Agency

    1988 DSA Winners

    • Bartholomew Quainoo - Ghana
    • Kenneth Miller - Australia
    • Robert Ingram - Canada
    • Lorrell S. Bruce - Jamaica
    • Konrad Adenauer Foundation - Federal Republic of Germany
    • CUNA Mutual Insurance Group - USA

    1986 DSA Winners

    • A. A. Bailey - Jamaica & USA
    • Marion Ganey - USA & Fiji
    • A. Rod Glen - Canada
    • MISEREOR - Federal Republic of Germany
    • Coady International Institute - Canada

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