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Credit Union Waives Fees, Increases Limits for Members for 30 Days

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Ukrainian Federal Credit Union (UFCU), which operates in seven U.S. states, is implementing several policy changes in an effort to help its members.

For the next 30 days, it is:

  • Waiving NSF (non-sufficient funds) and ODP (overdraft protection) fees.
  • Waiving late fees.
  • Waiving early withdrawal penalty fees.
  • Waiving fees for early redemption on share certificate accounts.
  • Increasing ODP limits for individuals up to $750.
  • Increasing ODP limits for businesses up to $1,000.
  • Increasing ACH limits.
  • Increasing Mobile Deposit limits to $5,000/day and $50,000/month.
  • Increasing online external transfer limits to $10,000/day and $50,000/month.
  • Contribute to your church by email/phone.

They are also encouraging all members to use their online and mobile banking platforms, such as:

  • RDC (Remote Deposit Capture)
  • Loan applications
  • Mortgage applications
  • Account opening
  • Check ordering
  • Review your debit/credit card transactions
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer money (internal and external)
  • View account balance and history

"We want to let our members from coast-to-coast know that we're here for them, to show our support, to help lessen the financial burden for those who may be facing unique challenges, and to give hope and shine light on the road ahead," said Ukrainian Federal Credit Union CEO Oleg Lebedko,