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We Are in This Together

“We are in this together” has been the rallying cry the world is using to help give us optimism to make it through the pandemic. And it is great to see the world rallying together to individually take those steps necessary to help stop the spread by social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands.

It’s funny how that idea of coming together to help the collective its catching on. It makes me raise an eyebrow quizzically because, to some extent, I feel like the rest of the world is finally figuring out the secret that credit unions have known for years. People helping people, the cooperative model, pooling resources to help one another—it really works. 

To that end, and to continue to help each other out, please check out our COVID-19 Guide for Credit Unions, which brings together all of the regulatory guidance coming out of the international standard setting bodies, as well as some guidance on other issues applicable to credit unions. 

We are in this together!

Andrew Price
World Council VP of Advocacy

This post originally appeared in The Telegraph, a publication of the World Council Advocacy Department. Click here to read more.