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Should Your Credit Union Have a Mask Requirement?

This post was provided to World Council by the Carolinas Credit Union League, a regional league serving member credit unions in North Carolina and South Carolina, United States.

The Carolinas Credit Union League Risk Management and Resources Department has received numerous inquiries about whether or not credit unions should require members and staff to wear a mask while they are in the credit union. The paramount concern for management is the health and safety of staff and members.

That said, here are some questions credit unions should consider when trying to determine whether or not to require the use of masks inside branches.

  • Will requiring the use of masks impact your insurance coverage?

“If your insurer is CUNA Mutual Group the answer is no, there is no impact on your coverage,” CCUL SVP Risk Management Resources & General Counsel Jeanne Couchois shares after speaking with a company rep. “If you use a different insurer, you should check with them.”

  • How will you identify members if they’re wearing a mask?

One idea would be to ask them to lower their mask and provide their identification.

  • What if a member refuses to lower their mask?
  • If a member doesn’t have a mask, will you provide masks or will you have an alternative solution?
  • What if the member refuses to wear a mask? Do you have an alternative method to serve the member?
  • Does the chance of a robbery increase if someone is wearing a mask?

Couchois had a conversation with three (3) law enforcement officers concerning the use of masks. Their response was, do the no guns, sunglasses, or hats really stop someone from robbing you?

  • What happens if several members got COVID-19 and it can be traced back to your credit union?
  • What impact will not requiring a mask effect your staff? Do you have any options for the employees that have significant stress and anxiety issues with your choice?

Alternatively, your credit union could let each member decide whether or not to wear a mask.