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Pandemic Heightens Awareness of Why "Everyone Deserves Digital"

Mike Reuter, left, talks with CU Broadcast Host Mike Lawson
Mike Reuter, left, talks with CU Broadcast Host Mike Lawson

Expanding digitization across the global credit union system has long been a goal of World Council of Credit Unions—and the COVID-19 pandemic has shined an even brighter spotlight on the need for it, according to Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions' Executive Director Mike Reuter.

"One of the things that we found as we reached out to member organizations of the World Council is that there are quite a few credit union systems that aren’t fully digitized, and their members and their frontline staff are profoundly impacted by the challenges that COVID-19 is presenting,” Reuter told Mike Lawson during a recent CU Broadcast interview.

Reuter explained Worldwide Foundation's Everyone Deserves Digital campaign grew out of the realization that the global digitization of credit unions is about much more than just convenience.

“This is why digitizing all credit unions around the world is vital. Because they can then be equipped at a moment’s notice to transition to an all-digital delivery if they need to for the time-being, and put their brick and mortar and their face-to-face customer experience on hold while something like COVID is affecting all of us,” said Reuter.

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