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Students Pen Inspiring Messages About COVID-19 Response for ICU Day in North Macedonia

The following post is provided by FULM Savings House, World Council's direct member organization in North Macedonia.

"Inspiring Hope for a Global Community" is this year's theme for the celebration of the International Credit Union Day on October 15, 2020.

The purpose of celebrating International Credit Union Day is to raise awareness of the values created by the credit unions and other financial cooperatives around the world, and engaging members in a series of activities on the day of the celebration.

For the sixth consecutive year on International Credit Union Day, FULM Savings House, together with Michigan Credit Union League, encourages students in North Macedonia to participate in the Student Scholarship Competition. This year's topic—"My inspirational message to the global community"—encourage students in North Macedonia to give their ideas and suggestions for improving student life during COVID-19.

FULM would like to get opinions on student life in the time of COVID-19 and how can it be improved by faculties, financial institutions and state institutions. Most important are recommendations from students on changes to the way the world handles COVID-19, while sharing their inspirational messages with the global community during the pandemic.

After the application deadline, we received a lot of inspirational messages for the student scholarship. We have published the inspirational messages on our website and social media, where our followers will be able to “vote” for the applications they liked the most. The first 10 applications with the largest numbers of “likes” will be shortlisted for this year's student scholarship. The final decision for the best inspirational messages for student scholarships will be selected by the FULM Youth Forum (a group of young members, similar to WYCUP), along with the Michigan Credit Union League.

For our International Credit Union activities, we've engaged the youngest, the Children of FULM ,and gave them a small task to color this year's ICU Day poster. They also sent their inspirational message to the global community through their drawings.

At the following link you can find their masterpieces and see how they would color the world.