WFCU Philanthropy Welcomes New Leader

Marcey Ciaccio starts with Members Helping Members campaign

September 19, 2023

MADISON, Wis. — Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions (WFCU) is excited to present the new leader of their fundraising work, Marcey Ciaccio. In June 2023, Ciaccio assumed the role of Philanthropy Manager and dove right in to bolster WFCU’s fundraising efforts.

Ciaccio took a circuitous route to credit unions, spending much of her career in healthcare before joining WFCU midway through 2023.

“I'm happy to say that I've always used a credit union. I've always been a member, but I really didn't have any idea what a difference credit unions make, not only in their own communities but across the globe,” Ciaccio said. “So, my induction has been very eye-opening. It's vast. It's so impressive the work that's being done to help strengthen financial wellbeing around the world. I had no idea.”

Members Helping Members: Having fun with philanthropy

Ciaccio had yet to meet the entire WFCU team when she was tasked with putting the much-touted people helping people philosophy to the test.

In honor of the 75th annual International Credit Union Day, WFCU sought to raise $750,000 to support its work.

Members Helping Members is a grass-roots fundraising campaign, challenging individuals and organizations to a little cooperative competition: to see who can raise the most money to support global good.

“The idea was pretty straightforward,” she said. “We wanted to excite and engage credit union employees and advocates and help everyone see their part in a global cooperative movement. That’s what Members Helping Members is about.”

Strategic investment in three core areas

While Members Helping Members is a discrete fundraising campaign, all money raised will go directly to WFCU’s existing strategic initiatives of digitization, resiliency and environmental impact.

Ciaccio explains that while there are unique programs being delivered within each investment pillar, the three areas are strategically linked.

“Improving digitization is about access, fundamentally. It’s about enabling credit unions in some of the most challenging situations to provide credit and solutions to new members. When they do, they’re enhancing the resiliency of the organization—they’re building a more robust financial institution, capable of attracting, developing and retaining innovative talent. And we’re supporting that talent—particularly at the very top levels—to identify ways their credit unions can develop more environmentally sustainable operations.”

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Marcey Ciaccio

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