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World Council created this page as a resource for the latest news and information about how credit unions in Ukraine are faring in the face of the Russian invasion, and how the worldwide credit union movement is responding to help them. All of the content is provided by World Council, its members, or their affiliated credit unions and financial cooperatives. To share information from your organization on this page, please email us at To make a donation to to Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions' Ukrainian Credit Union Displacement Fund, click here

WOCCU CEO Gives Firsthand Account of Meetings on Ukraine

World Council President and CEO Elissa McCarter LaBorde wrote a firsthand account of her April 20-22 meetings in Poland on the challenges facing Ukrainian credit unions and their members for

"The 24/7 news cycle is an unending stream of images, facts, figures and horror stories unimaginable in today’s time. Time has a way of normalizing and numbing us to the raw shock of human atrocities and devastation that is war. The worst outcome is to sit back and watch from afar. The disaster unfolding before our eyes, live wired on social media, can render one helpless. My trip to Poland last week was a stark reminder that we can and must continue to act, even as days and months drag on. Leadership is action, not position," wrote McCarter LaBorde. 

You can read her entire post on the encounters she had and the resolve it instilled in her by clicking here.