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CAP Project Coordinates with Polish-American Credit Unions to Provide Ukrainian Credit Union Member Farmers with Equipment to Resume Agricultural Production

As the territories in northern Ukraine were liberated in April by the Ukrainian Army, USAID/WOCCU Credit for Agriculture Producers (CAP) Project partner credit unions Koriukivska (Chernihiv Oblast) and Oberig (Zhytomyr Oblast) resumed operations to support their communities.

With heavy destruction and looting left behind by the Russian occupying forces, some credit union member farmers were deprived of the equipment needed to resume their agricultural business activities.

With support from the Via Stella Foundation, a Polish-American credit union initiative providing help to Ukrainians amid the war, and with CAP coordination, both Koriukivska and Oberig received seven motoblocks worth a total of nearly $10,000 for their communities. The farm implements were recently delivered to the credit union members who will use them to ensure they can continue to produce crops.

By providing help in this difficult wartime for us, you give us not just material support, but also hope that we will overcome any hardships,” said Mr. Dmytro, a potato producer from a village in Chernihiv Oblast and member of Koriukivska Credit Union.

The equipment will contribute to the recovery of the areas heavily affected by Russia’s occupation, and help very small agricultural producers to continue to run their businesses and support their families and communities as the next agricultural season approaches.

The assistance provided was especially critical for vulnerable rural people, like Ms. Nadiya, a member of Oberig Credit Union from Zhytomyr Oblast. With a daughter who died of cancer and a son serving in the Ukrainian Army, she is raising her granddaughter alone and using the income she receives from a small agricultural business. The motoblock will help her grow more crops and support her family. 

“Thank you for another happy day of my life. I’m happy I’m with the credit union, which never disappoints me,” said Ms. Nadiya.