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Lithuanian Central Credit Union Supports the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Civilians

In 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine and began a military campaign, Lithuanian Central Credit Union (LCCU) contributed to the “Blue/Yellow” organization, demonstrating its solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Since 2014, “Blue/Yellow” has been providing support to Ukraine's armed resistance against Russian aggression. Donations are intended to assist soldiers, volunteers, and territorial defense units fighting for Ukraine's freedom. The funds raised are used to purchase various essential items such as helmets, optics, armored vests, vehicles, drones and clothing.

In spring 2023, “Blue/Yellow” organized a thank-you event at the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania to show appreciation to the supporters of the Ukrainian troops. During this event, the CEO of the Lithuanian Central Credit Union, Mindaugas Vijūnas, was presented with a special thanks – a wooden box containing soil from the liberated land of Ukraine, excavated by soldiers fighting at the front.

Although Ukrainian soldiers express gratitude to their supporters today, we are forever thankful for their bravery and determination in defending not only Ukraine's freedom but Europe's as a whole.

As of April, “Blue/Yellow” had already received 44,895,060 in donations from individuals and businesses in Lithuania since 2014.

This blog post was provided to World Council of Credit Unions by Lithuanian Central Credit Union.