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Lithuanian Credit Union Movement Pioneer Initiates Establishment of "Angels on Wheels" Fund for Ukraine

Angels on Wheels is a Lithuanian charity that collects humanitarian aid for Ukraine and transports it there.

It was founded by Ramūnas Stankevičius, who is also one of the founders of the credit union movement in Lithuania and Lithuanian Central Credit Union (LCCU). He was motivated to take action in response to the brutal war in Ukraine, after watching the news.

"It was hard to watch the news of the war and sit back, so I thought I'd share on my Facebook feed that I'm collecting donations for Ukraine and ask if anyone would like to contribute. Many friends and acquaintances responded to my message, so we quickly raised support and were on our way to Ukraine," said Stankevičius.

The first trip of the Angels on Wheels charity fund to Ukraine was successful in delivering humanitarian aid to the Lviv region and rescuing a family fleeing the war.

Shortly afterwards, with the assistance of Mindaugas Vijūnas, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of LCCU, the donation was delivered to Bucha. During that event, a gymnasium in Bucha received crucial medical supplies and food items, and seven individuals, including four women and three children, were evacuated from Ukraine.

Following that, further humanitarian efforts were undertaken in other areas of Ukraine, such as Vinnytsia, Khostomel, Dnipro and Kyiv.

"We will continue to conduct these missions as long as Ukraine requires our assistance," said Stankevičius.

The Support and Charity Foundation's Facebook account provides updates on their efforts. Click here.

This blog post was provided to World Council of Credit Unions by Lithuanian Central Credit Union.