September 2023

img22455 Credit Unions - One of the Small but Important Wheels that Will Keep Young People in Croatia
Dalmatia Today (Croatia) / 2023-09-26
img18764 Sicredi and FECOLFIN Sign Technical Cooperation Agreement
MundoCoop (Brazil) / 2023-09-11

August 2023

img18790 NEFSCUN Demands Separate Act for Credit Cooperatives
People's Daily (Nepal) / 2023-08-17
img11982 Record High in Credit Union Lending
Credit-Connect (UK) / 2023-08-13

July 2023

img19603 National Credit Union Federation of Korea Proves Status as Global Powerhouse at 2023 World Credit Union Conference
Korean Business Tribune / 2023-07-28
img21461 Credit Union Women Make Pitch for $10,000 Empowerment Grants
CU Today (United States) / 2023-07-24

June 2023

img18333 Some Credit Unions at the Limit of Loan Capacity for Mortgages
The Independent (Ireland) / 2023-06-23
img18294 SECU Hosts ACCOSCA in North Carolina
The Walter (USA) / 2023-06-07

May 2023

img21546 In Ukraine, Credit Unions May Finally Get Deposit Insurance
American Banker (US) / 2023-05-31
img20406 IFC and Visa Promote the Digital Transformation of Cooperatives in Guatemala
CRN Noticias / 2023-05-17

April 2023

img20134 CUNA Wins 2 Awards for Political Campaigning, Advocacy
CU Today (United States) / 2023-04-25
img18551 Singapore Co-ops Discuss the Sector’s Relevance at National Forum
Co-operative News (UK) / 2023-04-05

March 2023

img11414 Customer Owned Banks Make up 5.6% of Mortgage Lending
Mortgage Business (Austalia) / 2023-03-20
img15565 Breaking Biases in Banking: Why We Need More Female Leaders in the Financial Sector
Ottawa Life Magazine (Canada) / 2023-03-14

February 2023

img18764 FECOLFIN and Banco Rabobank Seal an Alliance for Progress
Diario La Economia (Colombia) / 2023-02-22
img11982 Credit Union Loans Hit Record High
Credit-Connect (UK) / 2023-02-06

January 2023

img18749 Kenyan SACCOs Join National Payment System to Lower Cost of Credit
The East African (Kenya) / 2023-01-21
img18308 “Recuperando Nascentes” Program Reaches its 100th Edition and Promotes Environmental Balance
Gazeta MT (Brazil) / 2023-01-12

December 2022

img18449 Swoboda Works with Caribbean Credit Unions to Strengthen Their Governance
Co-operative News (UK) / 2022-12-01
img18294 Oceans Apart, Our Mission is the Same
NACUSO (United States) / 2022-12-01

November 2022

img18548 30th Anniversary of the Polish Credit Union Movement
Monitor Rynkowy / 2022-11-30
img18790 Myra ERP Software Launched for Cooperative Services
Techmandu (Nepal) / 2022-11-17
img21546 Ukrainian Credit Union Numbers Fall as Russian Shelling Worsens
Co-operative News (UK) / 2022-11-02

October 2022

img15978 ACCU and CDA ink MoU
Manila Times / 2022-10-28
img21461 MUSCCO pledges to support women Sacco members
The Nation (Malawi) / 2022-10-11

September 2022

img18333 As Banks Exit Market, 11 Cork CUs Launch Member Campaign
CU Today / 2022-09-29
img18551 Singapore’s Co-op Credit Sector Weighs Risks and Benefits of Emerging Trends
Coop News (UK) / 2022-09-16

August 2022

img12132 How Credit Unions Can Help Members Battle Inflation
QCash Financial / 2022-08-16
img11982 Credit Unions Enter as Finalists for Consumer Credit Awards
/ 2022-08-04

July 2022

img18308 A Digital Solution
A Noticia (Brazil) / 2022-07-28
img11414 COBA Welcomes New Campaign Driving PayID Take-Up in the Face of Rising Scams
Global Travel Media / 2022-07-19

June 2022

img20406 Financial Digital Transformation Project Presented
Soy 502 / 2022-06-10
img19603 'Value beyond finance, we will take a first-class leap by protecting the new agreement'
The Bell (South Korea) / 2022-06-08

May 2022

img15565 Canadian Credit Unions Seek a Leg Up Through Open Banking
American Banker (US) / 2022-05-20
img18532 Polish Credit Union Welcomes Displaced Ukrainians
Co-op News (UK) / 2022-05-06

April 2022

img18764 Fecolfin Presented Strategic Plan For The Modernization Of The Cooperative Sector With A View To 2025
Gestion Solidaria (Colombia) / 2022-04-20
img15565 CCUA Board Announces Election Results
CCUA NewsHub / 2022-04-04

March 2022

img18449 St Kitts and Nevis: PM Harris Holds Discussion with Board of Directors of CCCU
Associates Times / 2022-03-19
img18294 Seeking a First of its Kind Academy for Africa's Credit Unions - Fundraising is Now Underway
CU Today (United States) / 2022-03-08

February 2022

img18790 Cooperatives Stage Protest Demanding Increase in Interest Rates
My Republica (Nepal) / 2022-02-22
img18551 Public prudent spending plus government employment subsidy to help credit unions' loan volume not increase but decrease during the epidemic
Lianhe Zaobao / 2022-02-10

January 2022

img11982 ABCUL CEO Announces 2022 Priorities for UK Credit Union Sector Apex
Co-operative News (UK) / 2022-01-13
img18333 With Very Low Loan-to-Share Ratios, Ireland’s CUs Press Government to Allow Co-Lending
CU Today (United States) / 2022-01-05

December 2021

img15978 Asian Credit Union Leadership Program Successfully Completed
Sisa News Journal (South Korea) / 2021-12-15
img18308 Sicredi 2020 Sustainability Report Recognized at 23rd Abrasca Awards
Leouve (Brazil) / 2021-12-07

November 2021

img11414 Customer owned banks’ innovations to keep branches open
AB+F (Australia) / 2021-11-08
img19603 Who Is? Younsik Kim, Chairman, National Credit Union Federation of Korea
Business Post (Korea) / 2021-11-01

October 2021

img18749 Kenyan Co-operative subsector beats Africa’s giants
Global Diaspora News / 2021-10-21
img15565 Canada’s Credit Unions Continue to Set a Longstanding Record with Five 2021 Ipsos Financial Service Excellence Awards Wins
Yahoo! Finance / 2021-10-13
img20406 WOCCU TIFI Project, FENACOAC Establish First CUSO In Guatemala
Cronica (Guatemala) / 2021-10-11

September 2021

img11982 ABCUL Survey Results Show Majority Female Leaders
ABCUL / 2021-09-16
img18764 Confecoop, Analfe and Fecolfin Meet with the Minister of Finance
Comunicoop (Columbia) / 2021-09-03

August 2021

img16402 Sicredi Fronteira Sul RS Participates in Agtech Garage Pilot Project
Folha da Cidade (Brazil) / 2021-08-31
img12132 CUNA Backs HUD’s Plan to Codify the Discriminatory Effects Standard
Financial Regulation News / 2021-08-26
img18749 KUSCCO Implores SACCOs to Protect Members' Data
Kenyan Digest / 2021-08-07

July 2021

img18333 NI Education Minister Mcilveen challenged to address back to school costs
Belfast Telegraph / 2021-07-22
img20134 CUNA Asks Congress to Increase Funding for USAID Co-op Development
Co-Operative News / 2021-07-21
img18448 JCCUL gives $25,000 to St Vincent
The Gleaner (Jamaica) / 2021-07-15

June 2021

img19603 30,000 Masks Donated By NACUFOK Distributed by Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions
Co-operative News (UK) / 2021-06-30
img18532 President of NACSCU: Technological Progress Cannot Obscure the Human Being
Polish Press Agency / 2021-06-23
img18790 Cooperatives Brace for Consolidation Amid Government Push for Merger
New Business Age (Nepal) / 2021-06-12
img15565 Canadian Credit Unions Join Battle Against Climate Change
CU Management / 2021-06-07

May 2021

img11414 Customer owned banks dominate Forbes' list of Australia's best banks
Australian Broker / 2021-05-04
img18532 Sicredi celebrates partnership with NACSCU and WOCCU in an event attended by the Polish ambassador in Brazil
Jornal de Economia (Brazil) / 2021-05-03

April 2021

img18764 Before the Superintendency of Solidarity Economy, FECOLFIN will present its disagreement due to the demand of advisory committees of boards of directors
La Libertad (Colombia) / 2021-04-19
img18294 Women Unite to Fight Challenges
The Nation Online (Malawi) / 2021-04-10
img18308 Sicredi reaches 5 million members
Matto Grosso de Norte (Brazil) / 2021-04-05

March 2021

img18448 EZirates Announces Partnership with CCCU
Caribbean Times / 2021-03-25
img18551 Meet Ang Hin Kee, chief executive, Singapore National Co-operative Federation
Co-operative News / 2021-03-12

February 2021

img18749 Resilient SACCOs grow deposits despite COVID-19
MSN / 2021-02-28
img18333 Credit unions ready to begin lending for social housing schemes
The Irish Times / 2021-02-23
img11982 Credit Union sector surpasses £2bn in assets
Credit Connect (UK) / 2021-02-22
img18308 Sicredi reaches the mark of 2,000 branches in Brazil
Central Press (Brazil) / 2021-02-17
img15565 Real-Time Payments Coming to Canada
CU Management / 2021-02-16
img11414 FHLDS gives customer-owned banks a boost
Broker News (Australia) / 2021-02-09
img12132 Why millions of Americans are now tapping credit unions for loans
CNBC / 2021-02-02