Challenge 2025

The Digitization of the Global Credit Union System


A New Decade, A New Goal

In 2014, World Council of Credit Unions set a goal of reaching 260 million credit union members worldwide by 2020.

Through a concentrated worldwide effort, credit unions were able to reach our "Vision 2020" goal by 2017. But that growth was not even across all countries or among all credit unions. The credit unions that grew were those that offered core services via online and mobile channels. That is why we are now addressing how we increase membership going forward—through the digitization of the global credit union system by 2025.

Measuring Global Digitization

World Council will measure the digitization of credit unions in four key areas and report annually on the progress being made toward Challenge 2025.

Digital Channels

Offering members core digital transaction services such as online and mobile banking, online payments and online loan processing.

Digital Payments

Connecting your credit union to a shared payments system that allows for mobile payments and integrated with a national payments system.

Data Analytics

Employing data analytics to determine additional service offerings to members, and helping to identify those that need financial literacy or counseling services.

Data Cybersecurity

Implementation of a cybersecurity system that complies with national regulations to protect members' consumer data from digital attacks and intrusions.


Follow Our Progress, Tell Us About Yours

Track the latest developments in digitization here and feel free to send us updates on how your credit union or credit union system is striving to help us meet Challenge 2025 at


How a Digital Platform is Changing the Way Australia Does Payments

In just over two years, a shared payments platform in Australia has revolutionized the way consumers, businesses and government agencies both make and receive payments.

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Six Ways To Protect Member Data In A Remote Workplace (That Don’t Require IT Support)

The following post was provided by Credit Union Executives Society (CUES), a World Council associate member, and written by Brian Bodell, VP/product management for CUESolutions Platinum provider AdvantEdge Analytics, Madison, Wisconsin.

As more credit unions serve members from new locations, safeguarding privacy is paramount.

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Finacus Rolls out Digital Solutions for Credit Unions Seeking to Overcome the Pandemic

Owing to the global COVID-19 pandemic, a strict nationwide lockdown has been deployed in India from March 25 until May 17. Amid this historic crisis, one of India’s largest credit union service organizations (CUSOs) decided to develop digital solutions that will help credit unions smoothly carry out their financial operations, both in country and abroad, thereby not letting the COVID-19 crisis hamper their business. 

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How Can You Make Permanent The Current Increase In Digital Banking Use?

This post was provided by Terence Roche, a principal with Cornerstone Advisors, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, and was reprinted with permission from GonzoBanker.

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The Rise of Mobile Banking and Digital Payments - Don’t Get Left Behind

Credit Union Times, a United States' media outlet with reporting focused on credit unions, wrote the following post about its upcoming webcast, The Rise of Mobile Banking and Digital Payments - Don't Get Left Behind. 

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A Vision for 2025...

The following post was provided by the Association for British Credit Unions Limited (ABCUL), World Council's direct member organization in the United Kingdom. 

ABCUL spent almost a year consulting with the British credit union sector to create a shared vision alongside a strategy and roadmap to get us there, and digitisation was a key cross-cutting theme which we’re delighted to share with global colleagues through World Council.  

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How to Create Digital Trust

CULedger, a credit union-owned CUSO, provided this post on how credit unions can earn digital trust with members, and why decentralized identities can help in that effort.

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Why the Global Digitization of Credit Unions Will Not Wait

No matter the size of your credit union or where it’s located—its future is dependent on how well it adapts to the disruptive technology that is changing our industry by leaps and bounds each year.

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