Challenge 2025

The Digitization of the Global Credit Union System


A New Decade, A New Goal

In 2014, World Council of Credit Unions set a goal of reaching 260 million credit union members worldwide by 2020.

Through a concentrated worldwide effort, credit unions were able to reach our "Vision 2020" goal by 2017. But that growth was not even across all countries or among all credit unions. The credit unions that grew were those that offered core services via online and mobile channels. That is why we are now addressing how we increase membership going forward—through the digitization of the global credit union system by 2025.

Measuring Global Digitization

World Council will measure the digitization of credit unions in four key areas and report annually on the progress being made toward Challenge 2025.

Digital Channels

Offering members core digital transaction services such as online and mobile banking, online payments and online loan processing.

Digital Payments

Connecting your credit union to a shared payments system that allows for mobile payments and integrated with a national payments system.

Data Analytics

Employing data analytics to determine additional service offerings to members, and helping to identify those that need financial literacy or counseling services.


Implementation of a cybersecurity system that complies with national regulations to protect members' consumer data from digital attacks and intrusions.


Follow Our Progress, Tell Us About Yours

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Size Doesn't Matter, Vision Does

FULM Savings House is a credit union with just over $6 million in assets that serves slightly more than 12,000 members through its network of branches in the Republic of North Macedonia. But we don’t use these relatively small numbers as excuses when it comes to digitalization, because we see it as a key component for future success—just as much as any large credit union in the world.

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Machine Learning Can Improve the Consumer Experience

The following post is provided by Origence, a financial technology provider dedicated to creating new approaches to the loan origination experience—and a brand of CU Direct, a World Council associate member. 

Computer programming has come a long way since the late 1970s and early 80s, when high school students learned BASIC and wrote simple programs on Commodore 64s. Today, six-year-olds learn coding from LEGO kits purchased at Target and young entrepreneurs are earning millions writing apps and selling them to global fintech companies.

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Cybersecurity: A Shared Responsibility

This post is provided by the Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA), World Council's direct member organization in Australia.

By 2023 there will be 29.3 billion internet connected devices on the planet – which is three times the global population. Cybersecurity has become a focal point of the banking sector. What does the future hold?

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The Importance Of Digital Member Engagement–Now, More Than Ever

The global pandemic has touched virtually every aspect of consumers’ lives, prompting them to evaluate which service relationships truly provide value—and which don’t—in their transition to the “new normal.”

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Digital Transformation at the Service of the People

The following post is provided by Sicredi, the largest credit union system in Brazil and a direct member of World Council of Credit Unions.

The digital age has been revolutionizing the way we interact, the way we are informed, the way we consume and, of course, how we relate with our financial lives.

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Bracing Your Cooperatives for Digital Transformation

The following post is provided by the Singapore National Co-operative Federation, a direct member of World Council of Credit Unions.

Today, we are living in an environment in which technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and data analytics are changing the way we live, work and play. This environment is described as the fourth industrial revolution.

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Protecting Your Credit Union Against Digital Fraud

This post is provided by CULedger, a credit union owned CUSO and associate member World Council of Credit Unions. 

Recently, we invited Jim Stickley, CEO of Stickley on Security and a well-known cyber security expert, to participate in a fireside chat discussion on the impacts of fraud as the shift in member behavior turns to more digital channels. 

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How Shared Services Can Help Credit Unions Digitally Transform

by Brian Caldarelli, EVP, Chief Financial Officer, PSCU

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Credit Unions in Ecuador are Taking Digital Transformation Global

With a vision of innovation through new digital mechanisms that expand payments coverage within Ecuador, RTC COONECTA—a successful credit-union owned shared payments platform—has established an alliance with Visa International to connect with the largest global payments network at a time it has never been more needed to ensure public safety.

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