2023 Digital Growth Award

Nominations are now open for World Council of Credit Unions’ 2023 Digital Growth Award. As part of World Council's Challenge 2025 initiative, the Digital Growth Award is presented annually to recognize one or more member credit union associations or individual member credit unions for implementing digital solutions that promote financial inclusion, innovation and scalability. Winners are recognized at the World Council Annual General Meeting. Applicants must show how the credit union association or credit union they are nominating has met the criteria listed in the nomination form below. For more information about World Council's Digital Growth Award, visit our FAQ Page.

To nominate a credit union association or credit union for a 2023 Digital Growth Award, please fill out the following nomination form. Nominations are due by Friday, March 3 and must be submitted by a World Council member association.

1. Please list the name of the credit union association or credit union you are nominating and its contact information, including the country where it is located.*

2. How did this nominated association or credit union implement a digital solution that expanded financial inclusion by reaching members of underserved communities?*

3. In what ways was this new digital solution innovative? (I.e., did it reduce costs, improve member experience, streamline operations, etc.)*

4. Please share how the digital solution(s) implemented can be scaled up or replicated for use by other credit union associations or credit unions in your country or region.*

5. Please provide a link below to a video or multimedia presentation (no more than two minutes in length) from the nominated organization that illustrates how this digital solution is transformational.*

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