Where credit unions can explore, evaluate and collaborate with fintech vendors in a secure sandbox environment. 


A New Way to Collaborate

Hub C

  • Offers a curated set of fintech solutions suited to credit unions' needs. Credit unions can pick a starting point along their innovation journey, and grow by following their own roadmap with a modular framework.
  • Facilitates digital solutions presentations, demos and virtual discussions to expose credit unions to new solutions and trends in an evolving digital financial services ecosystem.
  • Is software- and vendor-agnostic; Hub C aims to enable a space for connection, collaboration and cooperation among credit unions and cutting edge technology providers that share common goals. 

The Benefits

Your Credit Union Will Be Able To

  • Explore solutions in a digital store that is available in your local market, free, for a period of one month. 
  • Continue to test solutions in a virtual sandbox using synthetic data, through a low-cost monthly subscription.
  • Deploy multiple solutions through a single integration to your core system.
  • Accelerate time to market and create new revenue streams.

    Sandbox Testing

    The Hub C Innovation-as-a-Service Marketplace allows you to test various fintech solutions in a sandbox environment by accessing synthetic data generated by our core banking simulator and participating in interactive live demos. Users can also easily run POCs and validate TPPs with a monthly subscription. 


    Free Version

    Start Testing - 2 Solutions Available
    • Access to selected HUB C functionalities
    • Access a limited version of the Digital Store
    • Post specific needs
    • Test only available solutions
    • Monitor API connectivity (metrics module restricted)


    Go a Step Further
    • Access to all HUB C functionalities
    • Explore the entire Digital Store
    • Post needs to our wider ecosystem
    • Interact with live demos using synthetic data
    • Test multiple solutions
    • Monitor API connectivity (comprehensive metrics module)
    • Run POC’s
    • Launch Hackathons or Challenges


    To learn more about the Hub C Innovation-as-a-Service online marketplace, watch this short video.


    Contact Us

    If your credit union is interested in learning more about Hub C Innovation-as-a-Service, email