An enabling environment supportive of financial service innovations provides the basis for achieving financial inclusion.

As the leading global credit union trade association with over 40 years of experience working with governments, regulators and financial institutions throughout the world, WOCCU prides itself on its ability to provide regulatory and supervisory support to government regulators and financial institutions,  and to draft enabling laws and policies.


Legislative reform

We work closely with credit union leaders, national government officials and policymakers to create appropriate and effective regulatory environments for credit unions. We work directly with credit unions and national governments to draft enabling laws and regulations that support safe and sound credit union systems. Examples include our work in Tanzania and Ukraine. To that end, we have developed a model credit union law, an international comparative analysis of credit union legislation and model regulations that are available on this site. We recommend checking out our Advocacy page to learn more.

Regulatory system development

We work with credit unions to build their capacity in credit union supervision and to advocate for appropriate legislation on the national level, complying with all standards once established. At times, we have been asked to develop a unifying body, or national association for credit unions, like in Afghanistan. In countries like Ukraine, we have developed the capacity of existing associations to better serve their member credit unions.