Case Studies

TUFTS University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy provided two teams of graduate students advised by Professor Kimberly Wilson to conduct research and to develop two case studies to create knowledge sharing content and showcase solid USAID achievements on different aspects of the financial service sector development from Haiti.

  • Federation des Caisses Populaires Le Levier – Analysis of policy initiative and donor support The multi-party[i] case study on Le Levier examined the factors that have contributed to its success, including donor support, and what challenges it continues to face as it evolves, as well as looking at the policy implications of its current status and its future.

  • Impact of Access to Credit on Value Chains in the North This study provided a qualitative analysis of the impact access to credit has had on participants in coffee value chain and cocoa value chain in the north.

Census of the Microfinance Industry in Haiti

Having updated industry information on Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) is a key element in the evolution of Haiti’s financial sector as it increases its capacity to meet the demand for financial products and services more efficiently. Performed on an annual basis since 2006, this study has provided a thorough and data-driven understanding of the challenges within the MFI sector. Performed by the Strategic Management Group (SMG), a local consultancy lead by Mr. Lhermite François, this sector-wide census has encouraged close collaboration among sector participants. By providing key market information to the sector participants and donors, MFIs are better able plan their strategies while benchmarking against other sector participants. (Reports available in French only)

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