Agency Document Date
Financial Stability Board2023-08-24 WOCCU Comments on FSB's Consultation on the FSB Toolkit on Third Party Risk Management 2023-08-24
International Accounting Standards Board2023-07-19 WOCCU Comments on IASB Exposure Draft: Amendments to the Classification and Measurement of Financial Instruments, IFRS 7 and 9 2023-07-19
International Accounting Standards Board2023-03-07 WOCCU Comments on IFRS Exposure Draft IFRS for SMEs - March 2023 2023-03-07
Financial Stability Board2023-01-04 WOCCU Comment Letter to FSB on Cyber Incident Reporting 2023-01-04
Financial Action Task Force2022-12-06 WOCCU Comment Letter to FATF on Revision of R25 and Interpretive Note 2022-12-06
European Association of Co-Operative Banks2022-12-01 ESBG-EACB-WOCCU Letter to Trilogue CCD Review 2022-12-01
Financial Stability Board2022-09-26 WOCCU Comments on FSB's Consultation: Exit Strategies to Support Equitable Recovery and Address Effects from COVID-19 Scarring in the Financial Sector 2022-09-26
Financial Stability Board2022-06-30 WOCCU Comment Letter on FSB's Supervisory and Regulatory Approaches to Climate-Related Risks - June 2022 2022-06-30
Financial Action Task Force2022-04-25 World Council Comments on FATF's Risk-Based Guidance to the Real Estate Sector 2022-04-25
European Commission2022-03-18 ENCU Responds to European Commission's Targeted Consultation on Improving the EU’s Macroprudential Framework for the Banking Sector 2022-03-18
European Commission2022-02-28 ENCU Responds to European Commission's Questionnaire on Mortgage Credit - Review of EU Rules 2022-02-28
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2022-02-16 WOCCU Comments on Basel Committee Consultative Document on Principles for the Effective Management and Supervision of Climate-Related Financial Risks 2022-02-16
International Accounting Standards Board2021-11-23 World Council Comments on IASB Public Consultation on the Exposure Draft: Management Commentary 2021-11-23
European Commission2021-09-28 ENCU Responds to European Commission's Questionnaire on the Directive on Distance Marketing of Consumer Financial Services 2021-09-28
International Association of Deposit Insurers2021-09-24 World Council Responds to IADI Consultation on Consultation on the Draft IADI Guidance Paper: "Ways to resolve a financial cooperative while keeping the cooperative structure" 2021-09-24
European Commission2021-08-25 ENCU Responds to European Commission's Call for Feedback on the Platform on Sustainable Finance’s Draft Report on Social Taxonomy 2021-08-25
European Commission2021-08-05 ENCU Responds to Questionnaire on Public Consultation on a Retail Investment Strategy for Europe 2021-08-05
European Commission2021-06-25 ENCU Comments on EC Consultation on Distance Marketing of Consumer Financial Services 2021-06-25
Office of Enterprise, Trade and Employment2021-06-24 ENCU Responds to Public Consultation on EU proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive 2021-06-24
European Commission2021-06-23 ENCU Responds to European Commission's Instant Payments Questionnaire 2021-06-23
European Commission2021-06-02 ENCU Responds to European Commission's Targeted Consultation Instant Payments 2021-06-02
European Commission2021-05-20 ENCU Comments on EC Public Consultation on the Review of the Crisis Management and Deposit Insurance Framework 2021-05-20
Financial Action Task Force2021-04-20 WOCCU Comments on FATF Mitigating the Unintended Consequences of the FATF Standards 2021-04-20
European Commission2021-04-20 ENCU Responds to European Commission's Targeted Consultation on the Review of the Crisis Management and Deposit Insurance Framework 2021-04-20
Financial Stability Board2021-01-08 WOCCU Comments on FSB Discussion Paper on Outsourcing and Third-party Relationships 2021-01-08
International Accounting Standards Board2020-12-30 WOCCU Comments on IFRS Consultation Paper on Business Combinations- Disclosures and Goodwill and Impairment 2020-12-30
International Accounting Standards Board2020-12-30 WOCCU Comments on IFRS Consultation Paper on Sustainability Reporting 2020-12-30
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2020-11-06 WOCCU Comments on Basel Committee Revisions to Principles for Sound Management of Operational Risk 2020-11-06
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2020-11-06 WOCCU Comments on Basel Committee Principles of Operational Resilience 2020-11-06
International Accounting Standards Board2020-11-04 WOCCU Comments on IFRS 9 for SMEs 2020-11-04
European Commission2020-10-06 ENCU Responds to European Commission's New Consumer Agenda 2020-10-06
Financial Stability Board2020-09-30 WOCCU Comments on FSB Consultation Report on Evaluation of the Effects of Too-Big-to-Fail Reforms 2020-09-30
Caribbean Credit Union Prudential Regulators2020-09-24 WOCCU Letter to Caribbean Affiliates and Regulators Re: Covid-19 Reg Relief, September 2020 2020-09-24
European Banking Authority2020-09-11 ENCU -- Comments on EBA Consultation on Impact of De-risking on Financial Institutions and Customers 2020-09-11
European Commission2020-09-01 ENCU Comment on European Commission's Consumer Credit Agreement - Review of EU Rules 2020-09-01
Financial Action Task Force2020-08-31 WOCCU Responds to FATF's Public Consultation on Recommendation 1 and its Interpretive Note 2020-08-31
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2020-08-21 WOCCU Responds to Basel Committee Consultation on Capital Treatment of Securitization of Non-Performing Loans 2020-08-21
International Association of Deposit Insurers2020-07-29 WOCCU Responds to IADI's Request for Comment on their Guidance Paper on Risk Management and Internal Control System of Deposit Insurers 2020-07-29
European Commission2020-07-29 ENCU REsponds to European Commission's Questionnaire on ML/TF Action Plan 2020-07-29
Financial Stability Board2020-07-15 WOCCU Comments on FSB Addressing the Regulatory, Supervisory and Oversight Challenges Raised by Global Stablecoin Arrangements 2020-07-15
European Commission2020-07-15 ENCU Responds to European Commission's Consultation on the Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy 2020-07-15
European Banking Authority2020-07-06 ENCU Comments on EBA Revised Guidelines on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk Factors 2020-07-06
European Commission2020-06-26 ENCU Comments on EC Consultation on Retail Payments Strategy 2020-06-26
European Commission2020-06-04 EPCUIG letter - May 2020 2020-06-04
International Accounting Standards Board2020-06-03 WOCCU Comments on the Classification of Liabilities as Current or Non-current—Deferral of Effective Date 2020-06-03
Caribbean Credit Union Prudential Regulators2020-05-28 WOCCU - CCCU Letter to Prudential Regulators Re: Covid-19 Virtual AGM Relief 2020-05-28
International Accounting Standards Board2020-05-26 WOCCU IASB interest Rate Benchmark Reform Exposure Draft 2020-05-26
Caribbean Credit Union Prudential Regulators2020-05-11 WOCCU & CCCU Comment Letter to Caribbean Credit Union Prudential Regulators re: Covid-19 Relief 2020-05-11
Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público2020-05-05 Comment Letter to Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público re: COVID-19 and the Role of Credit Unions 2020-05-05
Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público2020-05-05 Comment Letter to Ministerio de Hacienda y Crédito Público re: COVID-19 and the Role of Credit Unions (es) 2020-05-05
National Bank of Ukraine2020-04-27 WOCCU Comment Letter--NBU White Paper CU Regulation April 2020 2020-04-27
European Commission2020-03-19 ENCU Comments on Commission Initiative on Improving Resilience Against Cypersttacks 2020-03-19
European Commission2020-03-11 ENCU Comment Letter on EC Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing Action Plan 2020-03-11
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2020-02-25 WOCCU Responds to Basel Committee Consultation on Credit Valuation Adjustment 2020-02-25
European Banking Authority2020-02-21 ENCU Comments on EBA Draft ITS on Disclosure and Reporting of MREL and TLAC 2020-02-21
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2020-02-06 WOCCU Comments on Basel Committee Consultation on Cooperation Between Prudential and AML/CFT Supervisors 2020-02-06
European Banking Authority2020-01-16 ENCU Comments on EBA Consultation on CRR2 and Backstop Regulation 2020-01-16
European Banking Authority2020-01-16 ENCU Comments on EBA Draft Implementing Technical Standard on Public Disclosures 2020-01-16
European Banking Authority2020-01-07 ENCU Comment Letter on EBA Consultation on Supervisory Requirements for Market Risk 2020-01-07
European Commission2020-01-03 Public Consultation on Implementing Final Basel III Reforms 2020-01-03
European Commission2019-12-18 ENCU Comment Letter on Amendments to the Capital Requirements Regulations and Directive 2019-12-18
Financial Action Task Force2019-12-04 WOCCU - FATF Comment Letter on Digital Identity 2019-12-04
International Association of Deposit Insurers2019-11-07 WOCCU Comment Letter on IADI Credit Union Deposit Insurance Schemes 2019-11-07
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2019-08-13 WOCCU - Basel Committee Consolidated Framework Comment Ltr July 2019 2019-08-13
European Commission2019-07-19 ENCU Comment on Evaluation of Distance Marketing of Financial Services Rules 2019-07-19
Financial Stability Board2019-06-21 WOCCU FSB Comments on Too Big To Fail Reforms 2019-06-21
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2019-04-03 WOCCU Letter to Basel Committee on Proportionality in Regulation at the Global Level 2019-04-03
Financial Stability Board2019-03-19 FSB Feedback on Effects of Regulatory Reforms on SME Financing 2019-03-19
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2019-03-13 Basel Committee Comments on Revisions to Leverage Ratio Disclosure Requirements March 2019 2019-03-13
U.S. Internal Revenue Service2019-02-21 WOCCUU-CUNA IRS FACTA Reg Burden Reduction Comment Letter 2019-02-21
European Commission2019-02-08 ENCU Comment Letter on EBA AML CFT Colleges 2019-02-08
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2019-01-16 BCBS Consultative Document: Leverage Ratio Treatment of Client Cleared Derivatives 2019-01-16
International Accounting Standards Board2019-01-07 IASB Discussion Paper Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Equity 2019-01-07
Global Financial Innovation Network2018-10-14 WOCCU Global Financial Innovation Network Comment Letter 2018-10-14
Financial Stability Board2018-09-21 FSB Peer Review on Implementation of Legal Entity Identifier 2018-09-21
Trinidad and Tobago Co-operative Development Division2018-09-12 Ministry of Labor and Small Enterprise Development, Trinidad & Tobago 2018-09-12
Financial Stability Board2018-09-07 FSB Incentives to Centrally Clear OTC Derivatives 2018-09-07
Financial Stability Board2018-08-20 FSB Consultative Document - Cyber Lexicon 2018-08-20
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2018-06-21 Basel Committee Revisions to Minimum Market Risk Capital Requirements 2018-06-21
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2018-05-25 WOCCU Basel Pillar 3 Disclosure Requirements - Updated Framework 2018-05-25
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2018-05-08 Basel Committee Pillar 3 Technical Amendments Reg Treatment of Accounting Provisions 2018-05-08
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2018-03-23 Basel Committee Comment on Stress Testing Principles - Consultative Document 2018-03-23
International Association of Deposit Insurers2018-03-16 IADI Comment Letter Deposit Insurance Fund Target Ratios 2018-03-16
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2018-03-09 Basel Committee Sovereign Exposures Discussion Paper Comment Letter March 2018 2018-03-09
European Commission2018-03-08 ENCU Comments on EC Survey on funds for investment, research & innovation, SMEs and single market 2018-03-08
European Commission2018-03-01 ENCU Comments on Euro Commission Fitness Check on Supervisory Reporting 2018-03-01
International Accounting Standards Board2018-02-09 The Monitoring Group - Strengthening the Governance and Oversight of the International Audit-Related Standard-Setting Boards in the Public Interest 2018-02-09
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2018-02-05 Basel III: Treatment of extraordinary monetary policy operations in the Net Stable Funding Ratio 2018-02-05
Financial Stability Board2018-02-02 Principles on Bail-in Execution 2018-02-02
Financial Stability Board2018-02-02 Funding Strategy Elements of an Implementable Resolution Plan 2018-02-02
International Association of Deposit Insurers2017-11-17 IADI Resolution Tools 2017-11-17
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2017-11-01 Basel Implications of Fintech for Bank and Bank Supervisors 2017-11-01
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2017-10-05 Capital Treatment for Simple, Transparent and Comparable Short Term Securitisations 2017-10-05
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2017-10-05 Criteria for Identifying Simple, Transparent and Comparable Short-term Securitisations 2017-10-05
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2017-09-27 Comment on Simplified Alternative to Market risk Capital Requirements 2017-09-27
Financial Action Task Force2017-07-31 FATF Information Sharing Guidance Comment Letter 2017-07-31
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2017-06-29 Global systemically important banks – revised assessment framework 2017-06-29
National Credit Union Administration2017-05-09 Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Supplemental Capital 2017-05-09
U.S. Internal Revenue Service2017-04-24 World Council and CUNA jointly support S. 869 and H.R. 2054 (Letter to Representative Mark Meadows) 2017-04-24
U.S. Internal Revenue Service2017-04-24 World Council and CUNA jointly support S. 869 and H.R. 2054 (Letter to Senator Rand Paul) 2017-04-24
Financial Action Task Force2017-04-14 Information Sharing, Correspondent Banking, and Financial Inclusion-Related Customer Due Diligence 2017-04-14
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2017-02-23 Revisions to the Annex on Correspondent Banking 2017-02-23
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2017-01-13 Discussion Paper on Regulatory Treatment of Accounting Provisions 2017-01-13
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2017-01-13 Interim Approach to Regulatory Treatment of Accounting Provisions 2017-01-13
International Accounting Standards Board2016-12-19 IFRS 9 Loan Loss Accounting for Cooperative Financial Institutions 2016-12-19
International Accounting Standards Board2016-09-05 Credit Union Capital Shares as Equity Under IFRS 2016-09-05
Financial Action Task Force2016-08-05 Proposed Guidance on Correspondent Banking 2016-08-05
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2016-07-15 Prudential Treatment of Problems Assets 2016-07-15
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2016-07-06 Revisions to the Basel III Leverage Ratio Framework 2016-07-06
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2016-06-24 WOCCU Comment on Reducing variation in credit risk-weighted assets – constraints on the use of internal model approaches 2016-06-24
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2016-05-26 WOCCU Comment on Standardised Approach to Operational Risk May 2016 2016-05-26
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2016-04-01 Core Principles of Effective Supervision of Financial Inclusion 2016-04-01
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2016-03-14 Standardized Approach to Credit Risk 2016-03-14
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2016-02-12 Total Loss Absorbing Capacity Holdings 2016-02-12
Global Partnerships for Financial Inclusion2016-01-29 Global Standard Setting Bodies and Financial Inclusion 2016-01-29
Financial Action Task Force2015-12-11 Draft Guidance for a Risk-Based Approach: Money or Value Transfer Services 2015-12-11
International Accounting Standards Board2015-11-30 IASB Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting 2015-11-30
Financial Action Task Force2015-11-23 Technical Questions for Banks on Correspondent Banking and Money or Value Transfer Service (MVTS) Operators 2015-11-23
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2015-09-13 Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book 2015-09-13
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2015-04-30 Guidance on accounting for expected credit losses 2015-04-30
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2015-03-27 Revisions to the Standardised Approach for Credit Risk 2015-03-27
Financial Stability Board2015-02-03 Adequacy of loss-absorbing capacity of global systemically important banks in resolution 2015-02-03
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2015-01-09 Corporate_governance_principles_for_banks 2015-01-09
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2014-09-19 Supervisory guidelines for identifying and dealing with weak banks – Consultative Document 2014-09-19
U.S. Internal Revenue Service2014-07-18 Residence Based Taxation and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) 2014-07-18
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2014-04-14 Credit Unions comment on Basel III: the Net Stable Funding Ratio 2014-04-14
Financial Action Task Force2014-04-14 FATF Draft Revised Guidance for a Risk-Based Approach for the Banking Sector 2014-04-14
International Accounting Standards Board2014-03-04 Proposed Amendmens to the International Financial Reporting Standard for Small and Medium-Sized Entities 2014-03-04
Financial Action Task Force2014-01-14 FATF RBA Questions for the Private Sector 2014-01-14
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2013-10-14 Liquidity coverage ratio disclosure standards 2013-10-14
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2013-09-27 Sound management of risks related to money laundering and financing of terrorism 2013-09-27
International Accounting Standards Board2013-07-09 Financial Instruments Expected Credit Losses Exposure Draft 2013-07-09
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2013-06-21 External Audits of Banks 2013-06-21
Financial Action Task Force2013-04-29 FATF Draft Guidance on a Risk-Based Approach to Prepaid Cards, Mobile Payments and Internet-Based Payment Services 2013-04-29
International Accounting Standards Board2012-11-30 IFRS for SMEs Comprehensive Review 2012-11-30
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2012-08-13 Credit Union Shares as Regulatory Capital Under Basel III 2012-08-13
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2012-08-13 Los aportes de las cooperativas de ahorro y crédito como capital regulatorio según el Acuerdo de Basilea III 2012-08-13
Financial Action Task Force2012-07-05 FATF Guidance on Anti-money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Measures and Financial Inclusion 2012-07-05
U.S. Internal Revenue Service2012-04-30 Proposed Regulation to Implement the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) 2012-04-30
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2012-03-20 Consultative Document: Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision 2012-03-20
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision2012-02-17 Basel Committee Consultation on Capital Disclosures 2012-02-17